Milling & Drilling Holders

FMC Collet Extensions: 6495.19152B : Discontinued

FMC collet extensions are used in conjunction with FMC collets to provide additional tool reach. The FMC collet (Part Listing) screws into the FMC collet extension. The collet extension is then seated within the standard FPC collet & holder. The FMC collet will fit into all FMC extensions. Match the FMC collet extension outer diameter with the inside diameter bore of the FPC collet.


  • Straight shank acc. DIN 6535
  • Concentricity < 8 micron
  • Internal coolant supply


Part Number 6495.19152B - Discontinued
Name Milling & Drilling Holders
Inventory USA - No
Germany - No
6" x 3/4" FMC Extension / Design B