Tap Holders


Emuge recognized the industry shift to synchronized tapping in the early 90’s and developed the first tap holder for this environment. Composed of a two-part construction that physically separates the tap from the spindle via PATENTED ELASTOMER SPRINGS, the Emuge Softsynchro® holder provides minimum tap length compensation that is necessary for exceptional tool life. Emuge offers an extensive line of high performance tool holder solutions for a full range of applications.

The Emuge Softsynchro holder design makes optimum use of a synchronous spindle, providing the best possible tool life, performance and thread surface quality. Constructed from two separate, precision-ground sections, the body, and shank, Softsynchro effectively separates the spindle from the tap via a patented elastomer spring that absorbs axial forces, giving the tap an immense boost in tool life and performance. Torque from the spindle is transferred seamlessly to the tap via ball bearings riding in precision ground grooves. These ball grooves minimize rolling friction on the torque transmission balls to guarantee precision micro-correction of lead errors in a rigid tapping cycle, even under the most demanding machining conditions. Effectively, the tap is riding on shocks to prevent excessive wear due to small pitch variances during the cutting process, while ball bearings allow for smooth rolling motion and complete transfer of torque from the spindle to the tap.

Holder Selector by Tap Size:

  • Softsynchro Micro:  No. 0 to No. 8  or  M0.5 to M4
  • Softsynchro #0:       No. 2 to No. 10 or M2 to M8
  • Softsynchro #1:       No. 8 to 1/2" or M4 to M12
  • Softsynchro #3:       No. 8 to 3/4" or M4 to M20
  • Softsynchro #4:       7/16" to 1" or M12 to M30
  • Softsynchro #5:       1-1/8" to 1-3/4" or M30 to M48
  • Softsynchro #6:       1-3/8" to 2-3/8" or M45 to M76


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