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Tap holding systems for CNC machining centers and conventional machine tools

The accuracy of the programmed thread depth is guaranteed by a patent-protected pressure point mechanism. Arising differences between spindle feed and thread pitch are addressed by a length compensation mechanism. HD/ER holders are capable of accommodating coolant fed tooling with the addition of an ER collet, coolant tube and sealing disk.

Holder Selector by Tap Size:

  • KSN 0 / HD / ER:   M2 to M8 or No. 0 to No. 6
  • KSN 1 / HD / ER:    M4 to M12 or No. 8 to 7/16"
  • KSN 3 / HD / ER:   M4 to M20 or No. 8 to 3/4"
  • Tap sizes from M24 to M160 require an HF Style holder

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