Tap Holders

Quick-Change System

KSN Series - Quick-Change application on CNC machining centers and conventional machine tools

  • The accuracy of the programmed thread depth is guaranteed by a patent-protected pressure point mechanism. Arising differences between spindle feed and thread pitch are compensated by a length compensation feature.
  • KSN / HD style holders are designed to accommodate coolant fed taps (maximum 50 bar / 700 psi).

SFM Series - Application on multi-spindle machines and transfer lines

  • Especially suitable tool for multi-spindle heads due to their slim design.

Holder Selector by Tap Size:

  • KSN 0 or SFM 00:    M1 to M10  or  No. 0 to 3/8"
  • KSN 1 or SFM 01:    M3 to M14  or  No. 4 to 9/16"
  • KSN 3 or SFM 03:    M4.5 to M24  or  No. 10 to 1"
  • KSN 4 or SFM 04:    M14 to M36  or  9/16"to 1-3/8"
  • KSN 5:   M22 to M48  or  7/8" to 1-3/4"

KSN & SFM holders require quick-change adapters for cutting tool clamping

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