Tap Holders

HF Holders / Large Threads

HF Holders are designed for the production of large threads up to M160. HF 20 & HF 30 quick-change tap holders are combined with HF Adapters with various shank / spindle configuration options. HF Adapters are bolted directly to the HF quick-change holder.

  • HF20 Holder design (F0332999) for threads: M24 to M76 or 1 to 2-1/2"
  • HF30 Holder design (F0333999) for threads: M36 to M160 or 1-3/8 to 3-1/2"
  • Bolt on shanks attachments for HF tapping holder adapt to a variety of spindle configurations

HF Holders / Large Threads
Part Number Description Stock
F033201.04 HF20 - Adapt To MT4    
F033201.05 HF20 - Adapt To MT5    
F033201.06 HF20 - Adapt To MT6  
F033205.11 HF20 - Adapt To SK 50    
F033205.12 HF20 - Adapt To SK 40    
F033206.02 HF20 - Adapt To SK 50 DIN  
F033207.02 HF20 - Adapt To CAT 50    
F033254311649 HF20 - Adapt To SK50    
F033278311649 HF20 - Adapt To CAT50    
F0332999 HF20 Quick-Change Bolt On Holder  
F033301.01 HF30 - Adapt To MT5  
F033301.02 HF30 - Adapt To MT6  
F033305.03 HF30 - Adapt To SK50    
F033305.04 HF30 - Adapt To SK 60    
F033306.01 HF30 - Adapt To SK 50 DIN  
F0333999 HF30 Quick-Change Bolt On Holder