Tap Holders

Softsynchro #5

Softsynchro #5 holder designed for tapping operations in components used in oil, power generation and wind turbine applications, also large diesel, locomotive and ship engines. Safe tool clamping in machines with synchronous spindles. Axial forces that occur in the threading process are minimized by the use of an integrated minimum length compensation on tension and compression.

  • HSK A100 or CAT 50 spindle connection options
  • Accommodates 1 1/8" to 1 3/4" or M30 to M48 tap thread shank size dimension
  • Available in both DIN and ANSI tap sizes
  • Tension and compression of 2 mm is used in machines with rigid tapping cycles
  • Requires an ER 50 (GB) collet
  • Replacement clamping nut is a Hi-Q/ERC 50

Softsynchro #5
Part Number Description Stock
F3155783.1.16 Softsynchro 5 - CAT 50  
F3155C06.1 Softsynchro 5 - HSK-A100