Tap Holders

Softsynchro Micro

Softsynchro Micro tap collet holder for small thread tapping applications

  • Holder tap size range No. 0 to No. 8  and  M0.5 to M4 tap thread size shank dimensions
  • HSK / Cylindrical shank spindle connections
  • Requires an ER 8 collet
  • Replacement clamping nut is a Hi-Q/ERM 8

Softsynchro Micro
Part Number Description Stock
F3150900 Softsynchro-Micro Holder / 10 MM Short
F3150901 Softsynchro-Micro Holder / 10 MM Long
F3150C01 Softsynchro-Micro Holder / HSK-A32    
F3150G22 Softsynchro-Micro Holder / 10mm Cylindrical Shank