Tap Holders


Speedsynchro high production speed multiplier tapping head designed for high production tapping. Speedsynchro tapping heads significantly reduce threading time and power consumption while increasing spindle life.

  • Tap size range: M1 - M8 (inch size available by request)
  • Uses standard collet: ER16 (GB)
  • Transmission ratio: 1 : 4.412
  • Maximum spindle speed: 2,000 rpm
  • Maximum tool speed: 8,824 rpm
  • Internal coolant supply
  • Standard flood coolant supported by either F3741G26 or F3741L01 style units
  • MQL option for 1-channel or 2-channel systems supported by F3751L01 style unit
  • Length adjustment screw not included, selection is based on tap size and by 60° or 90° tap/coolant design
  • Replacement coolant tubes available
  • Replacement collet nut is a Hi-Q/ERMC 16, F0943516
  • Spindle adapters also available

Part Number Description Stock
F3741G26 Speedsynchro Tap Holder - DIN 1835 B - 25 mm Cylindrical
F3741L01 Speedsynchro Tap Holder - KOMET ABS - ABS  
F3751L01 Speedsynchro Modular/MQL Tap Holder -ABS - M1-M8