Test Cut Service

Exploring new technology and tooling designs is the best way for progressive manufacturers to stay ahead of the competition. New tooling solutions can sometimes be the best way to reduce cycle times and improve product quality. But breaking into production or tying up critical machines for testing new tools styles is not always an option.

Emuge’s Technology Center offers a test cut service that allows manufacturers to run test cuts on actual piece parts or samples material. Emuge tooling design engineers and skilled machinists work with the customer to explore the optimum tooling solution at Emuge’s’ facility without tying up the customer’s costly production equipment. Emuge tooling specialist provide tooling solutions, programming suggestions along with detailed reports on operating parameters and results.

  • 3-Axis Vertical HURCO CNC machine tool
  • 5-Axis Vertical HURCO CNC machine tool
  • GROB G55O 5-Axis Machining Center
  • Documented test results
  • Video documentation
  • Programming assistance

Contact Emuge for additional information or to arrange a test cut program.