Tooling Certificate Program

Tooling Certificate Program for participating OEM partners, and customers.

Tooling Certificates are available with any new machine purchased. By purchasing a certificate up front as part of your capital investment, you will be able to free up your tooling budget and equip your new machines with Emuge-Franken tools.

Purchasing an Emuge-Franken Tooling Certificate
• Purchase the certificate when you purchase your machine through your local dealer or direct from the machine manufacturer.
• There is no limit on the amount of the certificate. You then will be able to purchase tooling at Emuge-Franken list price. Any orders above $2,500 U.S. can be split into 3 releases.
• The Emuge-Franken Tooling Certificate can be used to purchase standard Emuge-Franken tools from our catalogs.*
• Emuge-Franken technical sales will work with you to provide the best tooling for your machine and applications.
• For further details, contact Emuge-Franken at (800) 323-3013

* Restrictions: Dental tooling, Punch TapTM, SPEEDSYNCHRO®, Specials and Tapping Fluid are excluded from the certificate. There are no returns or refunds with the certificate.