Tooling Certificate Program

Tooling Certificate Program for participating OEM partners, and customers.

Tooling Certificates are available with any new machine purchased. By purchasing a certificate up front as part of your capital investment, you will be able to free up your tooling budget and equip your new machines with Emuge tools.

Purchasing an Emuge Tooling Certificate
• Purchase the certificate when you purchase your machine through your local dealer or direct from the machine manufacturer.
• There is no limit on the amount of the certificate. You then will be able to purchase tooling at Emuge list price. Any orders above $2,500 U.S. can be split into 3 releases.
• The Emuge Tooling Certificate can be used to purchase standard Emuge tools from our catalogs.*
• Emuge technical sales will work with you to provide the best tooling for your machine and applications.
• For further details, contact Emuge at (800) 323-3013

* Restrictions: Dental tooling, Punch TapTM, SPEEDSYNCHRO®, Specials and Tapping Fluid are excluded from the certificate. There are no returns or refunds with the certificate.